North Philadelphia extension - Option B


This proposal is an upgraded version of Option A, featuring more extensive grade separation and a larger geographic scope. Option B replaces the proposed streetcar operation on 29th Street, between Pennsylvania and Hunting Park Avenues, with a subway.  On this segment (Girard to Allegheny), station locations would mimic those of the Broad Street Line.

Streetcar operation along Hunting Park Avenue as proposed in Option A is replaced by a tunnel portal facing northeast to provide access along the south side of the CSX (former Reading Railroad) right-of-way.  This proposed route continues to a ramp providing access to street level.   Service between Erie Avenue @ 22nd Street and the railroad right-of-way would utilize Schuyler Street, which would be widened to accomodate streetcar operation.  East of 22nd Street, Option B is identical to Option A.


The proposed subway tunnel continues north beyond Hunting Park Avenue under the extrapolated alignment of 29th Street to a new portal adjacent to the SEPTA Regional Rail Division Chestnut Hill West Line. A new station would be located at the intersection of Fox Street and Roberts Avenue to provide access to employers in the adjacent industrial area, the Bakers Center retail complex, and to the Abbotsford Homes.
It is proposed to convert the Chestnut Hill West Line to Subway-Surface standards while retaining the existing station locations northwest of the new tunnel portal.  Associated benefits include offering transit level frequencies to the densely populated neighborhoods of Northwest Philadelphia and eliminating Chestnut Hill West Line trains from the Amtrak Northeast Corridor.

It is also proposed to utilize the former Pennsylvania Railroad Fort Washington branch between the Chestnut Hill West Line and the intersection of Waverly Road and West Cheltenham Avenue in Montgomery County.  All station are located at the intersection of the roadway and the rail right-of-way.  The proposed stations along the dedicated right-of-way segment include:


  Germantown Avenue - Elevated

  Stenton Avenue – Below grade

  Queen Street – Below grade.

  West Cheltenham Avenue – At grade on south side of the road.



Northeast of the intersection of Waverly Road and West Cheltenham Avenue, it is proposed that Light Rail vehicles would operate in streetcar mode on Waverly Road, Easton Road and West Glenside Avenue to the SEPTA Regional Rail Division station at Glenside.  A track loop would be located in the Glenside Station forecourt. Potential at-grade stations northeast of West Cheltenham Avenue include:

  Holy Sepulchre Cemetery

  Church Road (PA 73)

  Harrison Avenue

  Limekiln Pike (PA 132)

  Grove Park

  Easton Road

  Glenside Station



Option B peak period service patterns:

  Between West Philadelphia and Allegheny

          Headway = 3 minutes

  Between Allegheny and Allen Lane

  Between Allegheny and Ontario Loop

          Headway = 6 minutes

  Between Allen Lane and Chestnut Hill West

  Between Allen Lane and Glenside

          Headway = 12 minutes

  Option A Zoo service alternative is eliminated.